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From a very young age I started to feel curiosity about drawing and body modifications, but it was not until 2006 that I had the opportunity to take some piercing classes and that led me to learn and connect more with the world of tattooing. So in 2007 I started training as a tattoo artist, by that time I was surrounded by other artists who taught me the basic techniques. After practicing for a good time I got a job at one of the most important studios in my country, Mithos Tattoo. At the same time i was participating in local conventions, where I won several awards as rookie artist of the year. All this gave me the impulse to try my luck outside my borders. By 2010 I had decided to travel to Argentina, where I lived and worked for a year with several renowned local artists.

Already for the year 2012 and thanks to social networks, my work began to be seen in other countries, so I got an invitation from a studio in Lyon – France, where I was able to go on several occasions as a guest artist.

In 2015 I received a job offer at a major tattoo studio in the UK, No Regrets Tattoo Studio. They had a staff of about 10 artists from different parts of the world, each of them with different styles. While working there I received an invitation to the tattoo convention in Aalborg – Denmark. Where I shared knowledge with many Scandinavian artists and was able to show my work as well. In this event I made a live painting, which was auctioned and the funds collected went to a charity for a non-profit foundation.

Then my career took a big leap, when in mid-2016 I had a job offer from one of the most important tattoo studios in the United States, Last Rites Tattoo in NYC, where I was a resident artist for almost 3 years. There I spent some time with other national and international renowned artists. During this time, I was able to visit other states at different conventions around the United States. Obtaining several awards for my work, also participating as a jury.

After visiting several states, I had the opportunity to get to Texas, where I participated in the Dallas Tattoo Expo. There I made a tattoo in collaboration with my friend and great tattoo artist in Texas, Quin Hernandez. We got the award for the best tattoo of the show. It was a location that inspired me, the tranquility, the weather, its people and the aptly named southern kindness. For these reasons I decided to try my luck and become part of the Dark Age Tattoo team, which is one of the most important studios in the state and the country. It has 17 artists, including apprentices. It has been excellent to be able to nourish myself with many of them who have a lot to contribute to my experience, in addition to being able to share with them the knowledge that I have acquired throughout these almost 13 years of career. In the studio we always have teachers of other artistic techniques, such as oil painting and charcoal, which helps us broaden our vision of arts in general terms. This has positively influenced my inspiration, so this last year I have been regularly traveling to different conventions to show my work, where I have received various awards and recognitions. I have also visited various tattoo studios in other states, in order to stay at the forefront, updating myself with new techniques.